Photo: Sara Matthews

Our Team

Extraordinary wines and experiences begin with extra-ordinary people. At Bouchaine, a dedication to constantly advancing our knowledge and experimenting with new methods doesn’t just describe our approach to winemaking. It defines our approach to life.

Michael Richmond

General Manager & Winemaker

“I had never given much thought to fate, but as I look out my kitchen window toward Bouchaine amidst its vines, I realize that coming to Bouchaine Vineyards is the culmination of my life in wine. Everything that I've learned over the last 30-some years comes to bear.”

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Greg Gauthier

Vice President, Wine Production & Sales

“Almost any wine that is of interest, that is satisfying, has multiple elements. Wine flavors combine like notes, forming chords and developing harmonious tones or themes. We lay the flavors over each other; they flow through each other… until the composition completes itself with layers of sensory satisfaction.”

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Andrew Brooks

Associate Winemaker

“For all of the science and technology involved and the advanced techniques we are constantly exploring, winemaking is still essentially a journey of faith. You never quite know exactly where that journey has led you until you open the bottle.”

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